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Welcome Daring Diva!

If you're a daring fempreneur, looking for your tribe, then you've landed in the right place!

As the most active women's community in Boulder, CO, Daring Divas is home to over 2,500 inspiring lady biz owners like you.

Since 2011, we’ve hosted multiple events per month (625 and counting to be exact!) designed to help you create connections that lead to new business opportunities (like clients and speaking gigs), as well as lifelong friendships that reap benefits in business and beyond. 


We are visionary entrepreneurs, change makers and leaders.

We value community over competition. And we believe in leaving chit chat and small talk at the door. In our world of shallow interactions, we relish in joining together IN PERSON every month to connect in a real, uplifting and supportive environment.

Our primary purpose for being members of Daring Divas is to build lasting friendships that support our businesses AND our personal lives.

Oh, and we’ll probably give you a hug when you attend, we hope you’re ok with that;-)

How to Participate

Attend LIVE in Boulder, CO

Want to grow your business while connecting with the brightest lady biz owners in Colorado?

Our monthly speakers and social gatherings help you do just that! 

The best part? Most of our events are FREE, and listed on our calendar in advance so you can plan ahead!

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Our Impact Tribe offers business training, masterminding, intimate networking and visibility opportunities for women entrepreneurs on a mission to make an impact.

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About Daring Divas

Daring Divas began in 2011 as a small, but active group of 40 women who came together for hikes, breakfasts and workshops; and the common desire to improve our lives through female connection.

Fast forward 7 years and we’ve grown to over 2,400 members, have held over 600 events and have become the biggest, most active and LOVED women’s networking group in Colorado!

As the founder of Daring Divas, my vision is to create a community where all women entrepreneurs feel embraced, uplifted, and inspired. A place where we can gather to build strong personal and professional relationships in a supportive and growth evoking environment.

I am proud and honored to say that, while we are always growing and evolving, this vision has come to life. Each event feels like I’m gathering with sisters. I hope that YOU will become one of our sisters too!



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"I LOVE this group! I ALWAYS leave totally jazzed with deep gratitude for being part of such a genuine and sincere group of women. One significant component of Daring Divas, which is the bow that keeps this group wrapped up, is Jessie May. She exudes warmth and genuine regard for creating an extremely supportive space. She imbues the group with wisdom, intelligence, fun and enthusiasm."

Lauren Wilson

"Daring Divas is hands down the best networking group I’ve ever attended...and I’ve been to a lot of networking groups in my ten years in business! Being a member has greatly expanded my business and helped me feel part of something bigger than myself."

Diane Whiddon
Business Coach

"I can’t “put” up with “normal” networking, because I genuinely love people, but I feel fed instead of drained when I go to any Daring Divas event. I have made so many great connections by attending these events-clients, partners, and lovely women who I get to collaborate with today."

Kate Galt
Job Title

"I have received numerous business referrals through Daring Divas that have resulted in new contacts, speaking engagements and clients. It's clear that Jessie May puts a great deal of time, thought and resources into creating high-value interactions and events that respond to the needs and interests of the members. In turn, this attracts action-oriented women who are interested in sharing their talents with others as they work on taking their businesses to the next level."

Job Title

"Daring Divas is an EXTREMELY supportive, encouraging, and welcoming group! I have made wonderful personal and professional connections through this community."

Emily Wishall


We get it, your time is your most valued resource. You don't want to waste it at another stuffy networking event where nobody shows up. Or where the people who do show up are, well… just not your peeps.

You’ll LOVE the Daring Divas community if…

• You are a successful, visionary entrepreneur (think: currently making an impact and making your living through your biz).

• At its core, your business is designed to make a positive difference in the world in some way.

• You have an abundance mindset - you believe there’s room for all of us at the top and get psyched about celebrating your sisters’ successes.

• You leave a trail of bright light and positive vibes wherever you go. You believe in kindness over criticism, and hugs over handshakes.

• You are committed to investing in your personal and professional growth.

• You value keepin’ it real. You’re willing to get a little vulnerable and let us get to know the real you.

• “Being daring” is one of your daily practices. You know that growth can’t happen in your comfort zone.


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I’m Jessie May - founder of the Daring Divas 

My passion is helping women entrepreneurs build powerful connections, increase their visibility, and spread their message.

I’ve been an entrepreneur in Boulder, CO for the past ten years and I understand how easy it can be to feel lost in the sea of coaches, healers and other service-based women entrepreneurs who are popping up by the thousands everyday.

Before you know it, you either feel so discouraged that you’re tempted to give up, or you find yourself becoming competitive, which doesn’t feel good to your soul.

Through Daring Divas, I’m on a mission to bring women entrepreneurs together into a supportive, inspiring and, most importantly, collaborative community. We’ve been living out this mission through the Daring Divas Meetup group in Boulder, CO since 2011, and now, the Daring Divas Directory will bring the support, inspiration and collaboration online.

Through my branding and business coaching, I’m driven to help women entrepreneurs discover and unleash their unique quirks, powerful opinions, and core values through clear and strategic signature brands.

I’m passionate about helping solopreneurs build their brands because once your business reflects your essence, your brand will go from boring and forgettable to shining so bright that your ideal clients will be able to find you from miles away!

When this happens, it’s a win-win for everyone: more people are positively impacted through your work and YOU get to feel the satisfaction that comes from being SUCCESSFUL doing work you love!


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