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Brand Strategist and Founder of Daring Divas

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Welcome Daring Diva!

I’m Jessie May - founder of Daring Divas and international Brand Strategist for visionary entrepreneurs.

Through Daring Divas, I’m on a mission to bring you together with other high-achieving fempreneurs who can uplift you, inspire you and connect you with opportunities to take your business to the next level.

My hope is that Daring Divas becomes your entrepreneurial "home" - the place where you can come to feel seen, supported, understood and always welcomed with a big hug and warm smile.

Through my coaching and branding business, I’m driven to help you clarify and uplevel your brand so you can confidently pursue opportunities that will take your business to the next level: speak on larger stages, approach the media for interviews, partner with bigger industry names, write your book!

Nothing breaks my heart more than a gifted entrepreneur who has an important message to share, but isn't making an impact because she doesn't know how to communicate her message in a way that inspires people to work with her.  

Using my degrees in Psychology and Communications, along with over 10 years experience owning my own business, I help my clients clarify their authentic brand identity - then we communicate that identity through beautiful visuals, clear messaging, desirable programs and strategic websites designed to help you attract clients and build your tribe.

Learn more about how I can help you boom your brand and build your business at



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