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Where daring women entrepreneurs, influencers and leaders gather to uplift each other in business and life.

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As the most active women's community in Boulder, CO, Daring Divas is home to over 2,600 inspiring fempreneurs like you. Since 2011, we’ve hosted over 600 trainings, workshops and social gatherings designed to help you build your empire and create connections that reap benefits in business and beyond.

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Attend LIVE in Boulder, CO

Our monthly speakers and social gatherings help you build your biz while connecting with the brightest women entrepreneurs in Colorado.

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Our Impact Tribe offers business training, masterminding, intimate networking and visibility opportunities for our most dedicated members.

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Stay connected between events, share your business and receive support from our global community of powerful women entrepreneurs. 

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What's in a Name?


To courageously and proactively build a business and life that makes a positive difference in the world. 


A talented woman who knows who she is and where she's going. She has self confidence and self respect and is committed to achieving her vision with style and class.

From our Members...

"Love it—lively, fun, elegant, inclusive, interesting and upbeat. So many gifted entrepreneurs and bold interesting women."

Frances Charteris

"Love this group! It doesn't have a "networking" feel. It's not a "pitch fest", but rather an opportunity to genuinely connect with other women entrepreneurs. Everyone is so warm, inviting, and excited to learn about one another! "

KellyAnne Zelinkski

"A fantastic group of really together business women. Everyone I've met is enthusiastic about her own and each other's businesses. Jessie May is an excellent leader who keeps things flowing and the group on target."

Barbera Aimes

"Fabulous group of ladies. Feels like hanging out with long-time girlfriends every time we get together."

Elizabeth Holt

"One of the most frustrating things is when you go to a networking event and no one is there. At Daring Diva’s there are always new connections and it's clear that the women who attend are serious about their businesses. "

Dr. Alison Bremner

"Connections I’ve made through Daring Divas have given me leads on speaking engagements, clients, and awesome ideas for my business. I’ve gotten to know many other local business women who share a common ambition and passion to positively impact their communities and beyond."

Sage B. Hobbs

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