The Impact Tribe

Intimate masterminding and visibility opportunities for women on a mission to make an IMPACT!

Calling all high-achieving fempreneurs who want to surround themselves with inspiring women already rockin’ their biz!

The Impact Tribe is our paid membership level within the free Daring Divas community and is reserved for our most DARING of Divas;-)

We want YOU in our Impact Tribe if...

  • You have an inspiring, world-changing message that needs to get in front of more people so you can impact more lives!
  • You want to be held accountable to playing bigger in your biz.
  • You want a place where you can bounce off your ideas and receive feedback and guidance to keep your business current and relevant.
  • You're a profitable business owner who understands the value of investing time and resources into building your business.
  • You're motivated to show up FULLY - to put the time and energy into cultivating relationships within the group that benefit your business and beyond.

Here's what you receive with your Impact Tribe Membership:

Monthly "Impact Circles"

Receive support, feedback and booty kicking when necessary ;-) while you nurture life-long friendships with your soul sisters in the room.

  • Meetings are 90-minutes. Most meetings happen in-person, in Boulder, CO with quarterly meetings on Zoom.
  • Each member has the opportunity to receive focused feedback from the group around a current business-related question or challenge. 
  • Jessie May facilitates each meeting, providing guidance, insight and coaching where needed.

Private Facebook Group

Stay connected and inspired between monthly mastermind meetings with ongoing support inside our private Facebook group.

  • Receive feedback from Jessie May and the rest of the group on your burning business questions.
  • Post your victories and struggles for everyone to respond to and celebrate.
  • Share your upcoming events, programs and launches.


Special Recognition at Daring Divas Events

You’ll receive monthly opportunities to share about your biz in front of an audience 15-50+ women entrepreneurs.

You never know who might be in the room that needs what you have to offer!

Visibility Table Savings 

Attract new clients, build your list, make an offer, announce an upcoming program… all is possible with your very own Visibility Table.

Visibility Tables are available for rent at our social events like Daring Divas Connect.

As an Impact Tribe member you receive $30 savings on your table. You pay $60, whereas everyone else pays $90.

Invitation to Our Annual Holiday Party

As an Impact Tribe member you and a guest are invited to join us for our annual holiday party!

This is an opportunity to connect with your Impact Tribe sisters in a festive, social environment. Delicious food and drink are served and celebrations are shared.


Inclusion in Quarterly Social Outings

The Impact Tribe is about building friendships that support us in business and BEYOND. 

Join us for quarterly social outing such as dinners and hikes where you'll have the opportunity to nurture your friendships in a fun, laid back atmosphere.

Impact Tribe GOLD

Want to take your Impact Tribe membership to the next level?

Check out the additional benefits of Impact Tribe GOLD! 

Spotlight Presentation

Receive 50 minutes of fame in front of a the Daring Divas audience where you are invited to share your brilliance and make an offer. This is the perfect opportunity to attract private coaching clients or fill an upcoming program!

Not only will you receive visibility during your 50-minute Spotlight, but also during the weeks leading up to your event through promotions on Meetup, social media, email and our website! 

Private Coaching Session with Jessie May

Arrive at your Spotlight presentation well prepared to leave a lasting impression and attract new clients.

During your session, and depending on your needs, Jessie May can help you…

  • Choose a presentation topic that will be most desirable to the Daring Divas audience.
  • Outline your 50-minute presentation in a speak-to-sell formula that delivers value while setting you up for a successful offer at the end.
  • Create a compelling invitation for the audience to continue working with you after your presentation.
  • Outline the signature story you'll share to build connection, trust and credibility with the audience.
  • Know how to follow up with leads so no potential client falls through the cracks.

Zoom Interview

Receive an exclusive Gold-level Zoom interview with Jessie May. Your interview will be shared with the entire Daring Divas community (over 2,500 members!) via email, our blog and social media.

You can use your interview to gain increased visibility during an important launch, grow your email list or offer discovery sessions.

Spotlight Photo Shoot

We will take professional-quality photos during your Spotlight presentation, which you will have full access to after your event.

You can use your photos on your website, social media, or speaker sheet to boost credibility and inspire future speaking opportunities.

"The Daring Divas Impact Tribe is very well organized, packed with useful information, inspiring and beneficial to me as a business owner.

I've learned so much that I've been able to apply to my business in the Impact Sessions. And I've met great new friends, business contacts and clients through the group.

My Spotlight presentation was a wonderful experience where I was able to connect with an amazing new client.

The women who are part of this group are unique, heart-centered leaders that are changing the world for the better. I feel uplifted by them and the whole Impact Tribe experience.

I would highly recommend the Impact Tribe to other soul based entrepreneurs who want to see their business soar."

Dr. Eva A. Malanowski, Psy.D., M.S.Transformational Psychologist & Coach 

Membership Options

3-Month Commitment



Monthly Impact Circles

Private Facebook Group

Special Recognition at Events

Visibility Table Savings

Annual Holiday Party

Quarterly Social Outings


One Year Committment



Monthly Impact Circles

Private Facebook Group

Special Recognition at Events

Visibility Table Savings

Annual Holiday Party

Quarterly Social Outings

Spotlight Presentation

Private Coaching Session

Zoom Interview

Spotlight Photo Shoot


"I joined the Impact Tribe for two big reasons: I desired a platform for speaking and a more intimate experience with the women of Daring Divas. I received more than I ever imagined! 

Through my Spotlight presentation, I had a chance to share my message with women in the Daring Divas community. This was truly satisfying as I knew the info they received from me helped them create more success with their businesses.
From my Spotlight presentation, I earned double my investment in the Impact Tribe, filled my half-day workshop and enjoyed shining in the Spotlight!
And oh, getting to know the women in this smaller intimate circle was so nourishing and inspiring. Our masterminds were one of my favorite monthly gatherings. That was where we dropped beneath the surface and really shared what was going on. This group was the antidote to the isolation that can come with the entrepreneurial life.
I am so grateful to Jessie May and the women of the Impact Tribe."
Megan Walrod, Heart-Based Copywriting and Marketing Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference is that the GOLD level gives you more visibility and support. As a GOLD member, you'll get:

  • Your very own Spotlight presentation that is promoted to our entire Daring Divas community of over 2,600 women entrepreneurs in Boulder, CO through email, Meetup, social media and our website.
  • A private coaching session with Jessie May to help you prepare for your Spotlight presentation.
  • A Zoom Interview with Jessie May that will be shared with our entire Daring Divas community through email, Meetup, social media and our website. The Zoom interview can happen any time during the year - it can be close in date to your Spotlight presentation or not.
  • High-quality photos from your Spotlight event that you can use in your future marketing materials.

No. Daring Divas, and specifically the Impact Tribe in this case, is different than traditional networking groups you may be familiar with. 

We believe that your ideal clients will be attracted to YOU because they resonate with who you are and what you stand for - your personal brand.

Because of this, competition is irrelevant.

We also believe that there is tons of value in all types of business relationships, including relationships with other business owners who do the exact same thing!

For these reasons, there is no limit to the number of types of businesses that are allowed to join.

Yes, if you signed up for the regular Impact Tribe level ($79/month) you may cancel after 3 months - although we hope you'll stay much longer (and most people do).

If you signed up for Impact Tribe GOLD, you may cancel or downgrade after one year.  

Yes, but you'll need to wait until you've completed one full year at the Gold level.

You'll receive an email letting you know when your year is complete and you're ok to downgrade to the regular level.

We're usually booked a few months out. If you have a specific month that you need, contact Gina at [email protected] to find out when our next opening is.

No. Only Impact Tribe GOLD members have the opportunity to be a Spotlight Presenter but everyone from our 2,600+ Daring Divas community will be invited to your presentation. 

"My favorite part of being a member of the Impact Tribe is the sheer number of powerful women I get to surround myself with!

In addition to getting access to Jessie May's brilliance as the leader, I met and formed friendships and partnerships that have helped me grow my business in enormous ways!

Through referrals, speaking gigs and fellow members choosing to work with me, I've already gotten a return on my investment and I know there's more to come.

There's so much support available each month; it's been a great experience being a part of the Tribe."

Katie Collins, Business Coach for Strategy & Sales 

"The unique thing about being part of the Impact Tribe is the way this group supports my business AND my personal life. I haven't found this to be true in other networking groups.

Beyond the personal friendships I've formed, I was amazed at how the members went out of their way this year to support me during a launch. I've also enjoyed connecting with members outside our scheduled Impact Tribe meetings to help each other advance in our businesses.

The weekly business training Jessie May delivers is insightful and inspiring - there's always something I haven’t heard or considered before that can help me in my business.

Jessie May has attracted an extraordinary high-vibe, empowered group of business leaders. Not only is each member dedicated to her craft, she is also deeply committed and connected to her family and community. I am so blessed to be a member of this dynamic community!"

Karen Gruber, The Inspired Mama

"I joined the Impact Tribe to cultivate a deeper level of connection and community with other like-minded women entrepreneurs. I also desired to share my message with the Daring Divas community, which I had the chance of last May in my Spotlight presentation. I was also able to gain exposure this month (March 2017) through a Facebook Live presentation I did, which Jessie May promoted through the Daring Divas community."

I always look forward to our monthly mastermind gatherings, knowing that I will leave with a greater level of ease and connection. And SO appreciate having the opportunity to run questions/ideas by the women during the mastermind time.
Emily Wishall, Certified Rolfer & Health & Wellness Coach

"To be able to get fantastic, practical and hands-on advice, not only from Jessie May but also from the incredibly business savvy women in the group is priceless.

The positive energy and reliable support of these women has helped me grow, gain the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and push to get to the next step.

It is that extra layer of positivity and support you know you can count on that truly sets the Daring Divas Impact Tribe apart. It feels like a giant group of sisters! The deep level of connection and trust I've built with these women has grown into long-term business and life relationships."

Stephanie Schoolmeester, Owner of Vibrant Body and Soul

"Hot seat time during our monthly Impact Circles has been extremely helpful to me in getting through hurdles in my business. After my last hot seat I got such great constructive feedback from the women in the group… it made me feel so seen and supported. This level of attention and caring has done wonders to help me confidently take new risks in my business this year." 

Frances Charteris, Art Historian and Tour Guide

If you're...

Ready to get more visible so you can grow your tribe, attract more clients and make a bigger impact through your biz...

Looking for a genuine, open and inviting tribe of successful women entrepreneurs who will inspire, motivate and challenge you to step up your game...

Then, you've found the perfect place to call home!


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