Love What You Do But Hate to Market? The Magical 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

Are you a healer, holistic practitioner, coach or therapist who is gifted at what you do but hates to market? If so, head on over to Facebook right now and check out the live interview I did earlier today with Impact Tribe GOLD member, Johanna Alper.

Johanna, "The Healer's Coach" uses a powerful and proven 5 Element system to help you attract more clients and prosper. And she breaks each of the 5 Elements down during the interview to give you a new perspective that could change your relationship with money and success forever.

Johanna understands your sensitivity as a healer - she's had a busy and successful acupuncture and teaching business for over 37 years. What first inspired her to start business coaching was being heartbroken by her acupuncture students who were excellent at what they did but struggled to create successful practices.

Johanna is dedicated to helping you become the Transformational Teacher and Leader that you are, and that this world needs (and get paid awesomely for it too!). Her forthcoming book is: Love What You Do, Hate to Market? The Magical 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success.

So head on over to Facebook where you can check out our interview, and while you're there, but sure to take advantage of her free gifts in the comments.


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